Submit a Motivator!

During some troubles with Googlemail we kindly ask ya to submit your motivator thru our comment function. Ty ppl

24 thoughts on “Submit a Motivator!

  1. no no…….it`s not a typo.
    afaik mindfuck wasn`t available….so the admin took mindfick.

    “ein fick” is german for “a fuck”

    mm…yea,….don`t hesitate to submit your stuff. As soon as the admin will have internet again we will post it.

  2. yea,…other admin told me that it doesn`t work at the moment.

    We are going to create a new e-mail account for you so that you can contribute your stuff.

  3. So, is this list still being updated? I submitted a picture a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t heared anything about it since…

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  5. there is one I got that I have not seen here yet although I found a handful of duplicates while searching. anyway, would be nice if someone could explain it to me, I can not find the wtf.

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